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Scenes from Last Summer at Bluefish Cove, the pioneering  play by Jane Chambers, filmed for inclusion in the documentary, The Eight Faces of Jane. Starring Meghan Pickrell, Pam Scott, Emily Sproch, Darcy Reed, Susan Montez, Summer Crockett Moore.


The Eight Faces of Jane is a documentary-in-progress about the life and work of Jane Chambers, pioneer lesbian playwright.

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At the behest of Alexia Melocchi, my new manager, we've redone some of the graphic art. First was the art for Destroying Angel, and now we have new art for Imprinted.

In 1981-82 I was a playwriting student at Catholic University in Washington DC. I was looking for plays by women playwrights to read and study, but couldn’t find too much out there, apart from Lillian Hellman and Sister Hroswitha. An actress friend of mine introduced me to the works of Jane Chambers.