Niramon Ross

Niramon Ross
Director of Photography

Niramon Ross is a director of photography who works in film and high definition video.

She has acted as DP on Shutter directed by Bunjong Pisunthanakul and Pakpoom Wongpoom and produced by Grammy Film and Phenomena Motion, Bangkok. Commercial release in Thailand: May 2004. She was DP Dek Hor (2005), suspense drama directed by Songyos Sukmakanan (My Girl), co-produced by GTH and Phenomena Motion Pictures, Thailand. Scheduled theatrical release in Thailand: October 2005.

Between 1996 - 2005 Ross worked as a freelance Director of Photography in Bangkok, Thailand, and Mexico City, Mexico, where she shot commercials for a long list of clients, including: Reynolds Pen, Firestone, Samsung Washing Machine, Samsung TV, Sony Digital Camera , Nivea Cream, Schwepp's Lemon & Soda, Vino Mexicano Samsung Plano Television, Celia Cruz (music video), Samsung Refrigerator, Standard Charter Bank, Mobile Phone GSM Advance, Fanta, Telmex, Gamesa, Banamex, Ixe Banco, Televisa, Organics Shampoo, Clorets, Avon Anew, Thai Airways International, Nescafe, Shiseido Cosmetic, Lux Shower Cream, Sunlight Dish Detergent, Isuzu, Clinic Shampoo, Siam Discovery Center.

From 1992 to 1995 she shot television commercials in Thailand, France, Greece, Kenya, and USA for various agencies and customers. Her awards include Best Cinematography Award for Don't Mention It in the short film competition at the Bangkok Film Festival (1998), Best Cinematography Award, Bangkok Art Directors Association, for Cotto commercial (2004) and the Star Entertainment Award for Best Cinematography in a Feature Film (Shutter, 2004).

She is currently shooting and directing a documentary,  Femme Fatale in the Boxing Ring, about female Thai kick boxers in New York City.